Football is known as one if the best and extremely physical sport with potential for high impact while playing. Because of potential damage or injuries, protective measures should be considered and given the very first priority. Just like football helmets for youths, football girdles are also protective. Having the right skills, techniques and right protective gear is the only way to protect against potential injuries. There are different football girdles from different manufacturers to protect you against injuries. Girdles are not only protective but also increases your stability and boosts your morale and confidence. We are going to review the best and different types of football girdles for youths. If you’re looking for sliding shorts and baseball related gear, we recommend visiting Building Rome Series.

1. Champro TRI-FLEX

This girdle is great. It is top rated youth girdle. It has great tail, hip and thigh pad. These girdles are available in different colors and sizes. They have great features to increase stability. These girdles are fitting for both youths and adults. If you are a football player, you need to purchase the best football girdle. This girdle has excellent plastic shock plates that are tough. These plates offer safety, protection, and flexible cushioning system. The pads of this girdle are well ventilated and extend above the waist. This girdle is made from spandex/polyester high quality material which provides a high level of comfort.

2. Rawlings Men’s Fgps-Protective. 

Rawlings is among the leading brands in sports items, equipment and apparels. Their girdle is among the best girdles in the world. They produce high quality girdle. They make girdles using high quality materials. Their girdles have tough pads to protect the spine, thigh, and hips. These girdles are extremely affordable and durable. It is a great girdle that is not only protective but also comfortable, boosts morale and confidence. If you want to buy one of the best girdles, consider Rawlings products. They are among the best and top rated.

3. Champro Man-Up 7

This is a great girdle for youths and adults. It has built-in compression system that helps absorb impacts in the field. It will protect you from potential injuries. It is made using high quality material. This gear is very effective for a mobile defender, linebackers, corners and safeties. This gear is not only protective but also flexible and fitting. Many players who have bought this gear would give positive reviews and remarks about this product.

4. Cramer Thunders 5 for youths

This gear has great compressions too. This gear has features such as moisture-wicking, mesh crotch panels, anti-microbial materials, EVA foam padding zones and plastic shell defense. This gear is durable and affordable. If you have been wondering which gear to buy, consider this one. It is one of the best, top-rated and fitting.

5. TAG ALT II for youths. 

This youth girdle features plenty of mesh to help you stay cool and comfortable. This gear offers complete protection. One of the best things you can do as a football player is to buy the right gear. We have reviewed the best gears for youths. You can choose among the choices we have reviewed. They are the best football girdles.